Thursday, June 21, 2007

Statement of belief

I'm an atheist. That's somewhat descriptive, but more a statement of what I don't believe. What I do believe in is Humanism. I'm the Secular Humanist teacher that Pat Robertson has warned you about. The American Humanist Association has clearly stated the fundamentals of Humanist belief at

When I first read the manifesto, I was astounded by how much it encapsulated my beliefs. I belong to a couple online groups of humanists and freethinkers. Some of the members are atheists, but not humanists. They just fit there better than anywhere else. One guy is very pro gun and capital punishment. I used to get mad and respond in inappropriate ways. I have made a vow not to respond directly to anything he posts anymore. This is my new outlet, especially for progressive views. That said, nothing about that yet, eh?

My favorite progressive websites:

Jesus' General - - very funny

HuffingtonPost - - a clearinghouse of information and mostly
informative blogs

Crooks and Liars - - mainly media clip connections with progressive comments. Run by John Amato who was in some band in the 80s.

Media Matters - - the bane of the Right Wing. Takes their own words in context (video or audio clips included) to illustrate how hateful they are.

I read these daily. Sometimes more than once a day.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Pray for my success!!

NOT. Of all the religious beliefs, prayer is the silliest. How dare you ask an omnipotent, omniscient being to intercede on your behalf. What makes you think s/he is going to change his/her mind just for you. Why do you think s/he needs your thanks. If s/he wanted it to rain, it would have already. While Notre Dame is praying to win, so is Brigham Young. How will s/he decide?

A Jebus kook I used to carpool with told me that god wanted to be asked for things. He thought it was just polite to ask your heavenly father for things, like you would ask your earthly father. As a parent, if one of my kids needed help, I wouldn't necessarily wait for them to ask for help. If they were unconscious in a hospital, I would get them medical attention even if they couldn't ask.

And what's up with the prayer chain idea? My mom is on one. If somebody is sick or in trouble she'll get a call to include them in her prayers. Is it a popularity contest? Just five more prayers and I'll save this baby!!! Why would prayers be more powerful if offered by more than one person. If god is the be all, end all, seems like once would be enough. Again, why do you have to even bring stuff to his attention? He sees even the smallest sparrow fall.